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Families and children are experiencing crisis with no support.

The Crisis in Your

Child maltreatment and abuse is prevalent across our communities. A 2022 study published in the Children and Youth Services Review states, "Recent research has shown that between birth and age 18, over one-third of U.S. children are investigated by child protective services (CPS) due to allegations of child abuse and neglect, one-eighth are determined to be victims of maltreatment, and 6% spend some time in foster care." 

These statistics only represent the calls that CPS chooses to take. In 2019, in Minnesota – a state with robust social services – 56.2% of CPS calls were "screened out" or dismissed, mostly due to the reported concerns not meeting the maltreatment threshold. 


In 2023, Minnesota also saw 1,000 less foster families than two years prior with 2,000 more kids in need of foster homes. The overburdened governmental system cannot always respond to the struggles facing families – leaving parents alone, without assistance or follow-up support, and leaving children at risk. 

The foster care system is overwhelmed. Government resources are unable to follow-up to ensure healthy reunifications or ensure that parents are receiving ongoing support. Nearly half of foster families are leaving after just one year of fostering, reducing the availability of safe homes for children during crisis. Social workers are burning out, leaving families and children without enough advocates or eyes on potentially dangerous situations – and children are the ones paying the price.


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